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Why You Should Hire a Remote Production Company

Think a remote production company might have limited capabilities? Think again. There are several reasons why a remote model works for this industry…in fact, Nathan Cheuvront and Joey Thompson committed to a remote model for Southend from the start back in 2017 (before remote was cool).

So why should you consider hiring a remote production company for your next project? Here are just a few ways Southend stands out:

Cost Effective

No studio or office space means significantly less overhead. Our entire team works remotely and we don’t have a giant office or studio bill each month. This means we are able to be thoughtful with your budget, ultimately reducing the cost of the project. With less overhead, Southend optimizes its resources, translating to cost savings that directly benefit our clients. By leveraging a remote model, we can offer competitive pricing without compromising quality.

We hand select your dream team

Southend prides itself on its ability to curate a hand-picked team tailored to each project’s creative vision. Instead of an in-house “set in stone” staff, we operate with a nimble crew of specialists. Need exceptional drone footage? We’ll choose our best drone videographer. This approach ensures every project benefits from the expertise of the right crew members. Unlike in-house production teams, where limitations arise due to staff availability, our remote model allows us to assemble your perfect dream team—when you need it.

We are digitally savvy

Being remote means we have to know how to communicate efficiently and effectively. Our systems are robust with multiple layers of accountability, ensuring seamless communication and streamlined project management. We pride ourselves on being super organized because let’s face it…details matter.

We are tech savvy and bring our knowledge and expertise into each project. When you choose to work with Southend you can count on being in the loop on everything from start to finish. We all wear multiple hats and work interdepartmentally…which means our clients aren’t sitting around waiting to hear back from one person. Our clients experience full transparency throughout the project’s lifecycle. Win/win!

Our team is HAPPY!

It’s 2023 and it’s pretty obvious no one wants to drive into an office every day. The entire Southend team works from home…we have families and believe fiercely in work/life balance. This results in happier, healthier team members. Happy/healthy team members deliver great work and great client experiences.

The flexibility of working remotely provides freedom for our team and also creates a strong company culture. We are genuinely happy people…and who doesn’t like working with happy people?

Southend Films is leading the way in redefining remote production. From practical solutions and tailored expertise to tech-smart strategies and a positive work culture, we’re here to bring your creative vision to life.