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(UPDATED 2018) Mark Spain Real Estate (MSRE) — One of the leading, privately held real estate firms in the southeast with more than $3 billion in real estate sold. MSRE is expanding and currently serves the Atlanta, Athens, Charlotte, Raleigh and Nashville markets.
After partnering with MSRE and launching a successful commercial broadcast, “When Life Changes,” they engaged us to produce another series of commercials expanding on this concept. In addition to continuing this storyline, they needed to introduce a new value proposition — the “Guaranteed Offer” program — to their various markets.
Broadcast Commercial | “When Life Changes” Series
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Partnering long-term with MSRE has allowed us to develop themes and messaging that consistently represent the brand throughout a series of stories geared to reach different audiences. For this next series of videos we needed to subtly evolve the story concept from “When Life Changes” to more specific scenarios that would hit home for a couple of key targets.

We pitched and debated a few different ideas that might prompt a family to need real estate services — a job change, a death in the family, a college student leaving, a new baby.

When looking at what we thought might resonate most with the audience, continue the storyline and be brand consistent, we decided to produce two short films — the first centered around the announcement of a second child and a family needing more space, and the second around the opposite of that spectrum when a couple decides to downsize after their last child leaves for college. For both of these, we also needed to communicate the new “Guaranteed Offer” proposition.

In the scriptwriting process, we worked alongside MSRE to make these concepts tangible and emotional, without being too soft. We also wanted to communicate the benefits of working with a company like MSRE that brings technology, care and expertise to the table.We felt that really focusing on the story arch and departing from a traditional talking head or leadership figure would ultimately help the company make the most impact.

We really nailed down the right language and dialogue to make the story really strong and relatable, while also iterating the brand into a new stronger phase of commercial asset that conveyed a strong call to action.

Once we had an awesome script in place, we focused on strategically planning out production to minimize the number of sets needed as well as the time on set, so that we could execute in the most cost effective way. For these commercials, the “client” needed to be filmed in their home. With the right scouting and a great decision from our director, we were able to design two sets within the same home to capture both the house being sold and the new house being purchased for the “Announcement” commercial, ultimately cutting our production time down to just two days for both commercials instead of the originally planned 3 days.

Our business is in the direct response category. When we advertise on TV we have to see the ROI and tie it back to a client acquisition cost and marketing spend. Imagine paying $100 per second. The commercials that Southend produced for us couple amazing imagery and storyline and supports our brand message. Their cinematic product has elevated our brand to a national level and has won the attention of industry veterans but more importantly new clients.

Joe GarciaPrevious Director of Marketing, Mark Spain Real Estate

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