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Mark Spain Real Estate (MSRE) — One of the leading, privately held real estate firms in the southeast with more than $3 billion in real estate sold. MSRE is expanding and currently serves the Atlanta, Athens, Charlotte and Raleigh markets.
While undergoing huge growth, the MSRE team needed to refresh existing content to match pace with their innovative approaches in business as well as to appeal to a broader audience through commercial broadcast.
Broadcast Commercial | “When Life Changes” Series
Mark Spain Real Estate
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We produced a 60sec,

30sec and 15sec story-based

commercial for MSRE.

Southend Films partnered with MSRE to elevate their brand in a new way. Working alongside their marketing and leadership teams, we began a collaborative process to brainstorm, pitch and produce a cohesive concept. Our client always knows best what they need to achieve through film. What Southend brings to the table is how to achieve that creatively.

Through this Pre-Production process, we were able to compare the brand to other competitors and answer questions like…

“Where has the brand been?” “Where is the brand today?” “Where does the brand need to go?”

We also had to work with the team to understand the leap they were making into the television advertising space. We looked at current trends, future trends, and really talked through why this was the right direction for them. Because of this collaborative process, we were able to create a new concept, baseline story and eventually a workable script. This concept, ‘When Life Changes,” is new and fresh for the MSRE brand, but still remains true to their rich legacy. Working together, we were able to hone in further to how this concept connected with their audience and how the story should playout in order to have the most impact on a personal level. Shifting the attitudes for what television advertising was – current trends, future trends, really talk through why this is the direction they need to be going – excitement, creativity, ideas – lead to establishing trust and expertise – come along side as a partner not a contractor This pre-production process was critical to helping us transition smoothly to production. By garnering client support first on the concept, then on the story and eventually on the language and dialogue of the script, we were able to help the client clearly see the creative vision that would play out on film. Scripting can be a difficult process.

By achieving consensus on the concepts and ideas behind a script, we are able to filter everything down into an understandable, digestible piece that often just needs minor tweaking. From here we were able carefully curate the right team of people as well as all the details that will make our script and story come to life. We are extremely intentional when choosing crew members, actors and locations to ensure brand alignment. All of this hard work on the front end and intentionality to create the right synergy and culture on set culminates in our production days where the vision becomes reality. From here, post-production allows you to actually see, hear and experience that vision. Because of our work alongside the MSRE team, we were very confident that we had what we needed to produce the originally concepted story. Now work began to take the various moments captured and fit them into different length spots, ultimately creating a cohesive commercial product. Our end product for MSRE required minimal back and forth for approval because of the strong support and agreement we created throughout the entire process.

Working with the team at Southend has been phenomenal. They have a unique ability to take a brand’s story and turn it into a visual experience. We’re a client that knows what we want. Nathan and Joey took those wants, incorporated them into the creative and gave us a finished product that is now being seen by millions of people. The feedback we’ve received on their work has been overwhelmingly positive. We also appreciated their deep empathy and understanding toward our brand and the clients we serve. We feel like their ultimate goal is to see our brand thrive. We look forward to the next project together.

Joe GarciaPrevious Director of Marketing, Mark Spain Real Estate

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Mark Spain Real Estate
Joey Thompson
Nathan Cheuvront
Director of Photography
Jaime Randel
Joshua Sims
Hair & Makeup
Nancy Riley James
Audio Engineer
Bryan McIntyre
Southend Films

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