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In 1951, seven Lockheed Georgia employees dreamed of a better way to bank…
This is where the LGE story began, but they wanted to reintroduce their brand with a new story, a story that both celebrated the past and also helped their current and future members look toward a brighter future. Southend Films helped LGE develop a concept and script that helped them with this problem.
After a thorough discovery meeting, SE learned that many people still didn’t know what LGE meant…it’s Lockheed Georgia Employees by the way. But that spawned the entire theme of this new direction for LGE’s story. We helped them define what LGE meant for a new generation of members. Encapsulating all their hopes into one script wasn’t easy, but at the end of the day, we all realized that LGE stood for more than where it began.
Brand Story Video | “LGE Stands For You”
LGE Community Credit Union
RED Scarlet 5K
Zeiss Super Speed Lenses

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LGE Community Credit Union
Joey Thompson
Nathan Cheuvront
Director of Photography
Jaime Randel
Max Kelby
1st AC
Jon Selden
Drone Operator
Jon Selden
Hair & Makeup
Hannah Baxter
Alea Hansinger
Barbara Rego
Audio Mastering
Bryan McIntyre

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