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Food Well Alliance (FWA) is a collaborative network of local leaders working to build thriving farms and gardens that enhance the health, vitality, and resilience of communities across metro Atlanta.
They unite communities in Atlanta to build a robust local food system and connect people, ideas, leadership and capital to build a city that values healthy, locally-grown food.
Brand Story Video | “For All Well Being”
Food Well Alliance
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Food Well Alliance approached Southend to produce a video that could serve dual purposes. They wanted to use the production as an invitation to a large donor event as well as to create a strong call to action for funding and support.

This event was a platform for FWA to communicate a new pilot program their launching in support of urban agriculture so they needed to generate hype and excitement around the initiative.

Together, we ultimately decided to create a film that could be used not only for the event, but that could also be used more broadly as a brand and story piece for the organization to get use of across multiple platforms and audiences.

In executing this nontraditional video invitation strategy, we hoped to help FWA create energy around the event and attract approximately 130 people. We were all blown away when the response rate far exceeded this goal and they had 200 people in attendance. This is the highest attendance rate ever for this annual event. The power of engagement through video assets was extremely evident throughout this project.

The main theme throughout the planning, pre-production, production and post-production phases of this project was trust in our creative direction for the project. Food Well knew what they needed to

accomplish, and in concepting, they trusted that we could produce something that not only met the needs for the event, but also gave them a product to use more broadly.

They needed fairly quick turnaround to pull this off with the event timeline. Because they leaned in to the process and let us drive creative direction, we were able to develop the film concept and script quickly and kick-off production. Production took place over 2 days with filming in 8 locations.

With a mission like Food Well’s, it was important to create a film that would awake emotion but also deliver a strong call to action that a wide range of people would connect with and act on. The result of this project is a testament to what happens when client’s trust us to tell their story. We were able to produce a film that was poetic and beautiful while still creating a strategic impact that the client was happy with.

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Food Well Alliance
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Stand out. Elevate your brand.