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FitMetrix is a fitness tracking software, tracking from a device worn around the waist during high-intensity workouts. The heart rate software brings your classes to life, one heartbeat at a time. You can track your workout on your mobile device as well as up on a leaderboard screen in your gym, both competing against yourself and others. Originally, they only needed a looping video for their website and for trade shows or conferences. We delivered a video that matched the high intensity of the software itself.
We wanted to tell a story that showcased the software but more importantly the wearer of the tracker. We wrote and produced the final video, adding a music bed as thrilling as the workouts themselves.
Since then, FitMetrix has been acquired by MINDBODY, one of the world’s leading wellness services marketplace.
Product Video
“Reaching the Top”
FitMetrix by MINDBODY
Sony FS5


FitMetrix by MINDBODY
Nathan Cheuvront
Script Supervisor
Joey Thompson
Director of Photography
Derek Scearcé
Josh Sims
Nathan Cheuvront

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