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Transcend — An industry leader in commercial real estate, Transcend’s unique non-traditional approach helps business’ find commercial spaces that reflect their culture and inspires growth. The method’s used by Transcend bring the commercial real estate industry into the 21st century and beyond.
Transcend’s unique approach to commercial real estate had to come through in the production of the film. This opened the door to create something corporate that was out of the box, while working with the Transcend team to accomplish the vision they still had.
Brand Video | “Elevate the Workplace”
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We produced a suite of videos

that aligned with their sales funnel giving

them the tools for brand awareness.

Transcend first approached Southend after realizing the value proposition associated with adding video assets to their marketing portfolio. They also knew what they didn’t want from investing in video: a feel good snapshot of people shaking hands and signing contracts.

They wanted something upbeat and cutting edge that would really show potential clients how data, technology and culture drive their ability to find commercial real estate solutions for businesses, elevating their strategy and brand.

Transcend felt it was important to have their leaders and clients on film, speaking about the company and their experience, so we strategized how to do this while still making the final product cinematically impressive.

For us, if we are going to film “talking heads”, we want it to be interesting and compelling as well. We were able to collaborate with their team on how to make that happen.

We also decided to produce a suite of videos for them that aligned with their sales funnel and armed them with the tools to create brand awareness, show their unique value proposition, tell people how their model works, and convert leads to sales. This suite encompassed a variety of content including a focus on brand, social media, thought leadership and testimony.

We took a ton of time to scout out locations for filming to find the perfect backdrops to reflect the spatial element of their business. We also played with the framing of subjects and heavily directed those speaking on film to capture thought-provoking material at the pace and in the brevity we felt would generate the most impact cinematically.

In total, we did three days of shooting in multiple office spaces. To successfully pull this off we had to do a lot of production work to ensure location permissions, liability insurance, equipment logistics, and crew availability were meticulously planned and set before filming.

In addition to preparation and production leading to a successful outcome on this project, we had full trust from the Transcend team. Entrusting us with the creative direction of their video assets allowed us to produce something that far exceeded their expectations. It can be hard to bring creatives into your business and allow them to tell your story in their own way, but Transcend embraced our expertise and allowed us the creative freedom and direction necessary to produce the highest quality end product to meet their needs.

We wanted to give them the space to be amazing. Their ability to capture and tell the story was phenomenal. I was literally kind of blown away on first take. They legitimized what we are doing and the story we are telling.

Benj MillerFounder& CMO, Transcend

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