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OneSpring is a software consulting and design firm located in Alpharetta, Georgia. OneSpring was created to provide an innovative solution to common problems founders Jason Moccia and Robert Grashuis continued to encounter with clients in the business strategy and user experience space — design thinking earlier in the planning process would be a gamechanger for software development. Armed with this solution, OneSpring has gone on to provide successful solutions for some of the largest companies and government agencies in the world.
OneSpring approached our team to help produce a video that could clearly articulate who they are and what they have to offer to potential clients. The final product would be on their website and as a standalone media asset. When Jason and Robert first approached us, their ideas stemmed from the same belief that many of our clients have when it comes to video assets — putting leadership on camera to explain the mission and vision is what will give us instant credibility with clients and help us best articulate what we have to offer.
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“Connected By Design”
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Videography as a mode of advertisement

and client presentation has changed a lot since

its initial use in mainstream media.

We find that clients are most successful with video assets when they rely on their brand credibility and instead use this medium as a window into their process and products, ultimately creating a more client-centric experience.

We most often find that potential clients or target audiences already have some idea of your brand and credibility, they are really interested in having a window into your process or philosophy.

With this in mind, our team started to facilitate collaborative brainstorming with OneSpring.

We wanted to dig into exactly what they wanted to articulate with words and also understand what visual concepts they wanted to articulate through film.

Because they provide services cross-industry with a wide range of products and solutions, we wound up with a montage of ideas for imagery and A LOT that needed to be articulated verbally. By working alongside the client and really understanding their end needs, we were able to boil all of this down to what would be most impactful cinematically.

The crux of creating a successful end product for OneSpring was getting the script just right. Once we were able to nail down the right imagery to best convey how versatile the company’s services were, we needed to ensure voiceover would clearly communicate their intended messaging but also align with the visual presentation. Getting there wasn’t easy.

OneSpring had a lot of feedback along the way. They came at us with a lot of questions and really challenged us to develop the best script for their brand — Is this bit too soft? Are we creating a compelling message? Will clients understand this and how it lines up with the imagery? Ultimately all of our collaborative efforts and the critical feedback their team provided in the beginning phases made production go really smoothly.

Together we developed a solid foundation that ultimately gave us an incredible end product.

We were really impressed by the attention to detail throughout the entire project, Southend continued to surpass expectations at each phase. They really know how to up the production level and deliver a great product.

Jason MocciaCo-Founder, OneSpring

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