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The Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation is working to build a memorial in honor of veterans and their families. Created by the Cobb County Commissioners to fulfill this vision, the board is made up of various local, veteran leaders who are working alongside architecture and engineering firm Croft and Associates
based in Kennesaw. Since 2015, the foundation has been in planning including finalizing designs and choosing a site for the memorial. They approached Southend Films in 2018 to help them produce something to support fundraising that is to begin in 2019.
Fundraising Video | “Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation”
Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation
Sony FS7
SLR Magic 1.33x Anamorphic

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When they approached Southend, the foundation board members were open to ideas about how to best connect with a broad audience.

They wanted the film, like the memorial itself, to be inclusive of all veterans, no matter their branch, rank or extent of service.

They also felt it was important to make the families of veterans feel celebrated and seen as well. After brainstorming different ideas, we came up with something pretty ambitious and pitched it to the board. We wanted the backdrop of the film to be an American Flag made out of quasar light tubes in a military air hangar. 

We were able to gain access to a hangar at Dobbins Air Force Base and construct the flag the day before shooting. The board selected veterans and family members from diverse backgrounds and service to be a part of the film. None of them knew the scene they’d be walking into.

We were able to film each of them walking into the hangar and capture their initial reaction to the flag as the song of their branch played. 

We then interviewed each of them in the hangar. It was not only an amazing scene to capture on film, but also an incredible experience for everyone involved that day.

By collaborating on this project, we were able to meet the needs of the Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation while producing a timeless and poignant film that can be used as centerpiece not only for their fundraising efforts, but also for their broader mission of raising awareness and honoring our veteran community. By trusting our creative direction, the board was blown away with the end result. We were able to evoke emotion from every person who participated, giving us really amazing footage to then elicit emotion from a viewer’s perspective, connecting and ultimately gaining support for the foundation’s efforts.

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Cobb Veterans Memorial
Joey Thompson
Nathan Cheuvront
Assistant Producer
Caitlin Murphy
Director of Photography
Jaime Randel
Set Design
Joshua Sims
Camera Operator
Matthew Baxter
Art Director
Clay Goswick
Grip & Gaffer Crew
Joshua Sims, JP Powell, Kenneth George
Location Audio/Mixer
Skip Lapekas
Brandon Redfern
Special thanks to:
Wavelength Lighting
Dobbins Air Force Base

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