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Meet Southend

Once upon a time in the wild land of agency world lived two creative freelancers. They saw flaws in the system, gaps in the process, and ultimately knew there had to be a better way to produce great quality video. A client project brought them together and the rest was history. 

Meet Nathan Cheuvront and Joey Thompson, the co-founders of Southend Films, a remote video production company based out of Atlanta, GA focused on creating cinematic digital content for agencies and businesses around the world. 

Nathan and Joey both had a long history of agency work experience, and when their worlds collided they realized quickly their talents complimented each other. 

Between Nathan’s passion for production and Joey’s creative genius, they knew there was an opportunity to create something special…

Something that didn’t exist…

Something they knew creative agencies NEEDED…because they had been in the trenches themselves. 

 Enter Southend Films

They started the company with the belief in good quality video content, and in order to have that they knew they needed to have both the creative storytelling element as well as the production element. Both sides needed to co-exist and work together in order to achieve great quality content. 

With Nathan serving as Head of Production and Joey leading as Creative Director, Southend is positioned to cover all aspects of video production. Nathan’s strong production skillset partnered with Joey’s creative genius provides clients with top notch service beginning at the initial idea until the final cut.

For the past five years, Southend has established themselves as a team of Creatively Brave filmmakers, dedicated to telling stories that awaken emotion. While Southend started with just Nathan and Joey, the team has grown to support various roles needed for a full service production company. 

Mandy Wright was the first to join the team as a producer, followed by Princess Anosike (editor) and most recently, Jasmine Higgins (production assistant and admin). 

With a dream team in place, Southend’s goal is to continue to partner and work with agencies. to streamline their production process, allowing their clients to achieve the results they want to achieve. 

Interested in learning more about how Southend can help you with your next project? Check out some of our recent work HERE.