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Here you’ll find everything you need for your projects including creative direction, inspiration and links to scripts, call sheets and video reviews.

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About Snellings Walters

Leading complex businesses into safety and security.

We identify the critical issues facing your company. Survival of your business requires managing risks. In today’s environment, these risks are rapidly changing and becoming more complex. We’ve built a customizable platform to provide you with the security you need.

Creative Direction

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Project Binders

Benefits Department Video

Click on the links below to read and comment on scripts, outlines and shotlists. Please only use Google Docs commenting and suggestions for feedback. Any questions, just give us a shout!

Benefits Department

Here is a taste of the direction for how it will look and feel. Please note, these images are conceptual and are meant to give an idea of tone, mood, lighting and in some cases, potential wardrobe. Not all images represent direction for on-screen talent.

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Tutorial Videos

Film Date: Thursday, Feb 27

Click on the links below to view and download the Call Sheets for your project.

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Click on the links below to review and comment on each cut of your video(s). Please only use the Vimeo Review for feedback. Any questions, just give us a shout!

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