Awake Emotion

We’re Southend, A Film

Company Based in Atlanta

Start Your Production
We help you develop a concept and script that’s unique to your brand.
We take care of everything on the day of filming. Communication. Coordination. Efficiency.
Fast. Professional. We edit your film into a polished piece you’ll be proud to share.
Every Screen
Television. Linked In. Facebook. Instagram. Reach your audience where they are in stunning 4K.

Our Camera Capabilities

We build the right crew and use the right tools that fit our clients’ needs and budgets. Every time.

The Stories We Love to Tell

Storytelling is dynamic. Our passion is to do that through film, and there’s more than one way to tell an engaging story.

Brand Films

Showcasing your brand through visceral, cinematic imagery and sound with a clear message that builds awareness.

Short Narratives

Like a movie, only shorter. These are great when you're looking to show off a little lifestyle or culture.

Brand Teasers

When you need something short with high-energy, fast-paced and highly engaging. Perfect to grab attention on social media.

You are a big part of the process.

Every step is critical to creating the best film, and it’s not all about us, it’s about you. It’s your brand, your business, your story and turning your investment into a success. We also have some fun along the way.

Nathan Cheuvront

Co-Founder | Production Lead

Joey Thompson

Co-Founder | Creative Lead

Ashley Davis

Production Office Manager

Our values make us stronger

They guide us in what we do, why we create and who we hire.


Integrity, Through and Through

We do everything with integrity, from how we treat our co-workers, crew members and talent, to the work we produce and how we run our business.

Passion to Make

We strive to better ourselves creatively and to continue to push ourselves and each other in what we make. If there is ever a time when the passion to make is lost, the work will be lost as well.

Relationships—Not Transactions

From our clients to our crews to our families, we care about one another and never want to throw relationships aside for work. Honesty, respect and an air of fun keep our relationships tight.

Quality is Outcome

Our work product should never miss its mark. Quality should exude from everything we produce and is what our product hangs on. When we sacrifice quality, for cost or any other reason, we lose our clients' trust.

Stand out. Elevate your brand.