8:19 pm

A Creatively Brave Production Company….What Does That Mean?

As a film production company our passion is bringing stories to life in a creatively bold way. Stories that awaken people’s emotions. Stories that showcase your brand, your product and your culture. Stories that go beyond the surface and tap into the heartbeat of your project. 

Anyone can create a good video (hello teenagers + iPhones). But don’t let a good video fool you…your story, your voice and your brand goes deeper than pretty footage on a screen. 

At Southend we partner with our clients to develop outside-of-the-box concepts, write scripts and develop powerful, beautiful storyboards. Your project deserves thoughtful ideas and our creative team is here to help. 

So what’s it like to work with a Creatively Brave team? 

It means letting go of what you know about film production and trusting our process. We believe creativity at its finest means taking risks where others might play it safe…pushing the envelope a bit and doing whatever it takes to make the magic happen. Being creatively brave.

Our production services are tailored to meet you where you are. Whether you’re looking for creative development or a full crew for hire, our commitment is to deliver a seamless experience for your team from the first idea to the final cut. 

We are a fully remote production team which means we can provide a broad range of services at a competitive cost…we aren’t fans of paying higher prices to cover someone’s overhead and we know our clients aren’t, either. Instead, we are able to funnel your budget strategically and with creative freedom. 

Maybe you’re tired of playing small with video production…

Maybe your budget doesn’t justify the price tag that comes along with a big agency…

Or maybe you’re just ready to work with a team that does things differently.

We are Southend, and we’d love a chance to tell your story.